evento ClickCellButton en CodeBehaind para verificar si se ejecuta clic en un boton en un control UltraWebGrid

protected void uwgDatosContacto_ClickCellButton(object sender, CellEventArgs e)


// key asignado al campo de tipo botón para la columna del ultraWebGrid

if (e.Cell.Key == "Editar")

// Asigno valores de la grilla a controles de usuario para editarlos

Session["identificadorContacto"] = int.Parse(e.Cell.Row.Cells.FromKey("ContactoId").Value.ToString());
"modoContacto"] = this.chrModo = ‘E’;
txtApellidos.Text = e.Cell.Row.Cells.FromKey(
txtNombres.Text = e.Cell.Row.Cells.FromKey(
txtDirResidencia.Text = e.Cell.Row.Cells.FromKey(
txtEmailPersonal.Text = e.Cell.Row.Cells.FromKey(
txtCodigoPostal.Text = e.Cell.Row.Cells.FromKey(
txtTelefono.Text = e.Cell.Row.Cells.FromKey(
txtCelular.Text = e.Cell.Row.Cells.FromKey(
txtFax.Text = e.Cell.Row.Cells.FromKey(
txtEmpresa.Text = e.Cell.Row.Cells.FromKey(
txtCargo.Text = e.Cell.Row.Cells.FromKey(
txtDirempresa.Text = e.Cell.Row.Cells.FromKey(
txtEmailEmpresa.Text = e.Cell.Row.Cells.FromKey(
chkVip.Checked =
catch (Exception ex)
    throw new Exception(ex.Message, ex);




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